“Paper of the year”- award for article on asthma

Mattias Öberg, specialist in risk assessment at Swetox Södertalje.

Mia Johansson at the Karolinska Institute  defended  her thesis on chemical risks for asthmatics last year. Mattias Öberg at Swetox Södertälje was her supervisor and co-author of an article that has now received the award “Paper of the year” from the Society of Toxicology’s Occupational and Public Health Specialty Section (OPHSS).

The article reviews all articles in which the sensitivity of asthmatics has been studied. The review shows that asthma sufferers can be ten times more sensitive to airborne irritants than non-asthmatics are. This means that they may only require one tenth of concentration for the onset of their symptoms. The authors stress that, although sufficient knowledge is in place, the problems of asthmatics are not considered enough in the design of various regulations, including within the EU.

According to the Society, the article  “…had stellar marks in the categories for Measurement & Statistical Analysis and Potential to Influence Occupational and/or Public Health, and embodies well OPHSS’s mission of advancing the integration of exposure, toxicological and epidemiological principles and research approaches in addressing occupational, environmentally-related and public health issues”.