Swetox Academy Workshop

NÄR: tisdag 22 Aug 2017 VAR: Best Western Arlanda Hotellby (close to Arlanda airport)

Welcome to the yearly Swetox Academy Workshops for PhD students and postdocs from the eleven universities that are part of the Swetox collaboration.

The main aim of these workshops is to enable networking; between the PhD students and postdocs at the eleven universities; between the students/postdocs and senior researchers at Swetox Södertälje and at the universities; and between researchers and invited representatives from e.g. Swedish governmental agencies, companies and/or NGOs, selected based on their activities in the areas of chemicals, health and environment. Participants will share and learn about the research going on at the eleven universities and at Swetox Södertälje.
The workshop activities will also contribute to other key aims of the education efforts within Swetox, namely to stimulate the development of education within the broad area of toxicology sciences (encompassing chemicals, health and environment) based on modern methodologies and the needs of society, and to broaden the students’ scientific and societal perspectives.
We also want to find out about the needs of the students/postdocs, in order to address these needs in the coming years.

When: August 22-23, 2017
Where: Best Western Arlanda Hotellby (close to Arlanda airport)
Last date for signing up: to be announced
Note that for PhD students and postdocs, travel costs will be reimbursed and accommodation will be free.


augusti 22 - 08:00
augusti 23 - 17:00
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