Ian Cotgreave joins the ESAC committee


Swetox’ head of scientific strategic development, Professor Ian Cotgreave, has been invited to join the ESAC Committee for three years., The committee serves as support for the EURL ECVAM EU Joint Agency. This agency is specialized in developing and evaluating research methods within 3R, i.e. methods that replace, reduce or refine animal experiments and have their registered office in the JRC research center in Ispra, Italy.

The Scientific Advisory Committee advises EURL ECVAM on scientific issues. ESAC’s main task is to conduct independent audits of validation studies of alternative testing methods, evaluation of their scientific validity for a particular purpose. ESAC examines the suitability of study design and guidance, the quality of the results obtained and the reasonableness of the conclusions drawn.

ESAC counseling (in the form of EWG reports and ESAC opinions) provides the basis for the development of “EURL ECVAM recommendations”, which summarizes the Authority’s view on the validity of a test method and provides advice on possible applicability, limitations and proper scientific use. On the basis of the ESAC Council, the EURL ECVAM Recommendations identify shortcomings of knowledge and define follow-up measures.