Swetox’ platform for nanosafety has been inaugurated

Swetox director Åke Bergman and State Secretary Gunvor G. Ericson.

The national Swedish platform for nano safety was inaugurated  by State Secretary Gunvor G Ericson at a seminar in Stockholm. The seminar also featured Swetox director Åke Bergman, the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate General of Nina Cromnier, Michael Reineskog, responsible for chemical issues, IKEM and Johanna Sandahl, Chairwoman of the Society for Nature Conservation, as well as scientists and representatives of companies and authorities.

The government gave – through its appropriation direction to the Swedish Chemicals Agency 2016 – the commission to Swetox  to create a national platform. The platform brings together academia, industry, government and other stakeholders regarding the safety aspects relating to the rapidly expanding use of nanomaterials. The platform will have its headquarters at Swetox consortium’s hub in Södertalje, south of Stockholm.