The Swetox Animal Department receives a prize for refinement of methods

Two employees at the Swetox Animal Department in Södertälje were rewarded at the EPAA Annual Meeting on November 22 for their experimental training program before attempting. The program, which works for both mice and rats is called Action and Training of Mice and Rats results in Calmer Animals during Experimental Procedures

In the evaluation, the price committee emphasizes that it is a: “Solid study. Scientifically based. Well presented addressing all the criteria of the call. Applicable to rats and mice. Extremely impressive dissemination of results. The candidates have shown their compromise to disseminate good practices in a wide audience. An effort that deserves recognition”

The prize sum is € 6,000 .

The prize committee consisted of representatives of Zoetis, a major global organization for animal welfare, FELASA (Federation of Laboratory Animal Science Associations), BASF (European 3R / Replacement Laboratory), EU Commission and EU Joint Research Center.

EPAA (The European Partnership for Alternative Approaches to Animal Testing) is a voluntary cooperation for 3R (replacement, reduction or refinement of animal experiments) between the European Commission, European Trade Organizations and Enterprises.