Acetaminophen use during pregnancy- risk for delay in language development in children

Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, Karlstad University, Project leader of the SELMA-study.

The Swetox researcher Carl-Gustaf Bornehag, project manager for the SELMA study and professor at Karlstad University, has shown delays in language development in 2 1/2 year old children whose mothers used Acetaminophen during early pregnancy. Acetaminophen is the active substance in many prescription-free painkillers.

The effect was found in both sons and daughters, but there seems to be gender differences. The delay was most pronounced in girls whose mothers used a lot of Acetaminophen , compared to girls whose mothers did not use it.

Delayed language development is considered in other studies to be an early sign of neuropsychiatric disability. The development of the children in this study will be followed up later in childhood.