New Swedish website for safe handling of nanomaterials

The Swedish National Platform for Nanosafety at Swetox- SweNanoSafe- has opened its website.

The website is targeted at various stakeholders such as regulators, scientists, industry, NGOs, and others interested in the safety of nanomaterials.

The website offers basic information on how nanomaterials are regulated in various areas, such as work environment, chemicals and cosmetics. In addition, you can read about research on environmental, health and safety aspects of nanomaterials. Safety aspects concern the whole life cycle of nanomaterials, such as synthesis, development, production, use and management of waste. The site includes a knowledge bank, Q&As, a calendar and links to other sources of nanosafety information mainly in Sweden and Europe.

The website is an important part of Swetox commission from the Swedish government to create a national platform for nanosafety. The site has been developed, and will continue to be developed, in collaboration with the SweNanoSafe Cooperation Council and Expert Panel.

“Through the National Platform for Nanosafety we are creating new forms of cooperation between various stakeholders in Sweden and the website creates new possibilities for us to collect and distribute valuable knowledge within the field of nanosafety”, says Åke Bergman, Head of the academic research center Swetox and Chair of the SweNanoSafe Steering Committee.

The website is mainly in Swedish but also offers information in English.