How harmful are chemical mixtures? EDC-MixRisk seeks the answers. Watch the video.

In our modern habitat, we are exposed to a constant stream of artificial chemicals: from eg cosmetics, interior materials, plastic toys, food packaging and additives.

It has long been known that many of these substances may be harmful to health. However, the risk assessment has long been focused on studying one substance at a time. But much points to the fact that the mixture of different chemicals can cause worse risks than the individual substances, popularly referred to as the “cocktail effect”. Hormone-destructive substances and mixtures, which in low concentrations could affect many later processes in child development have been considered to be particularly important.

This provided the starting point for the EU project EDC-MixRisk, which was granted a four-year support in the EU Commission’s Horizon 2020 research program. In the multidisciplinary project, researchers from six of the Swetox universities and six foreign universities participate.