”Toxicological Risk Assessment without Animal Testing”

Swetox Södertälje’s 3R vision is that toxicological risk assessments in the future will be performed without animal testing. Our goal is to gradually replace animal experiments without compromising on scientific quality, human health or the sustainability of the environment.

We contribute to the development and validation of new methods by identifying molecular markers for toxicity as well as through advanced computer-based models in collaboration with academia, industry and government.

Still, some animal tests are necessary. Partly because of legislation, partly because animal models so far provide answers that can not be obtained in other ways.

At Swetox Södertälje animal tests are conducted on a small scale on rodents. These animal tests should be conducted as well as possible from an animal ethical and scientific perspective. Within Swetox, the rule is not to do a single animal experiment that is not scientifically justified.

Swetox employees in the 3R community

Several of Swetox’ employees have assignments in 3R organizations, in Sweden and internationally.

Åke Bergman and Elin Törnqvist are both board members of the newly established 3R center at the Swedish Board of Agriculture. Ian Cotgreave is in the ESAC, the Board of the EU Commission Joint Research Centre for alternatives to animal testing and in the English NC3R’s “crack it” jury.