Why Swetox?

1st:  Interdisciplinary work is imperative for qualified risk assessment. Academic collaboration provides us with a unique opportunity to pursue advanced, interdisciplinary research in the health- and environmentally-related toxicological sciences.

2nd: Education is a foundation stone in future risk assessment work and for the development of the toxicological sciences from both a national and international perspective.

3rd: All aspects under one umbrella. Swetox can study how chemicals affect health and environment regardless of how the chemical is used and regulated. Activities will cover everything from analytical chemistry to toxicology and policy issues.

4th:  From computer modelling to humans. At Swetox Södertälje we have the expertise and equipment to integrate computer models, cell-based systems and animal experiments. This increases the ability to understand and prevent damage to the environment and predicting risks to human health.


5th: Closer relations between research, innovation and application. Synergies between academic and comissioned research provides new opportunities for impact on diverse areas of need in scoety.

6th: New methods jn achieving a non-toxic environment. Development and use of new and more effective methods for toxicological risk assessment is key. In this work Swetox seeks to become a national leader when it comes to replacement, reduction and refinement of animal testing (3R).

7th: Strong arguments in chemicals policy. Through Swetox we build a national platform with the potential to create new knowledge that could influence and change national and international regulations and provide strong scientific arguments in chemical politics.