Collaboration is a prerequisite for success in achieving goals and vision.

Collaboration is the foundation Swetox operations are based on. Eleven Swedish universities have with Swetox Södertälje as a hub  joined forces to promote safe chemicals and a non-toxic environment.
Risk assessment of chemicals requires expertise in many different scientific disciplines. It requires interdisciplinary collaboration which Swetox is organized and built to promote.
Alongside academic collaboration Swetox will interact with the authorities,  the business community and NGO’s in the chemicals, environment and health.
Interdisciplinary collaboration is important both nationally and internationally. It is through our extensive network possible to build world-leading research groups and collaborations, which we encourage researchers at Swetox to do.
Collaboration is also central to coordinate and develop the Swedish education in toxicological sciences, which is one Swetox‘s goals.
In order to facilitate networking and collaboration, we will here on the website describe ongoing and planned projects at the eleven universities in toxicological sciences. Here we will also describe collaborative projects with other external partners, government, industry, etc.