SwePharmaSafe – The Platform for Pharmaceutical Safety Assessment

SwePharmaSafe is a platform for coordination of expertise and resources for safety assessment of drug candidates and drugs, including risk mitigation activities. The overarching goal for this platform is to offer safety assessment support in all phases of pharmaceutical development “from bench to bedside”, including pharmaceuticals in the environment.  Collaboration opportunities are available for pharmaceutical projects within both academy and industry.

Already available at Swetox Södertälje are:

  • Target evaluation, chemical structural analysis, computer modelling
  • In silico- in vitro- and in vivo toxicology
  • Bioanalysis, biomarker identification and validation, toxicokinetics
  • Experts in safety assessment strategy planning, project toxicology management, study monitoring and regulatory support.


Further expertise may be incorporated in the developing platform locally or may be recruited through our national- and international networks.

Some SwePharmaSafe experts:

Björn Glinghammar – Drug Discovery and Early Development, Toxicology Project Support.

Ian Cotgreave – Drug Discovery and Early Development, Molecular Toxicology, Toxicology Project Support, Regulatory support

Johan Lindberg – Bioanalysis. Specialist analytical chemistry and Safety Biomarkers

Karin Cederbrant – In vitro toxicology, Specialist Immunotoxicology

Björn Platzack – In vivo toxicology, Specialist General and Inhalation Toxicology, Toxicology Project Support, Regulatory support.