“Environmental Epigenetic – From Mechanism to Regulation”- Workshop in Örebro 21-22 February

WHEN: Thursday 21 Feb 2019, 09:00 - 14:00
WHERE: Örebro university

Environmental Epigenetic – From Mechanism to Regulation

Workshop in Örebro, Sweden on February 21-22th, 2019 (21th full day and 22th until 14:00).

Epigenetics is a regulating mechanism of gene expression, which allows different phenotypes without changes in DNA sequence. This is specifically critical for embryonic development since epigenetic mechanisms control cell differentiation processes.

Thus, there has been growing concern that epigenetic modifications by pollutants mediate adverse health outcomes at later live stages and/or over several generations, e.g. cancer, developmental toxicity, and behavioral disorders.

Therefore the workshop will focus on environmental aspects of epigenetic alterations including current knowledge about epigenetic mechanisms, adverse outcome pathway of epigenetic alterations, data handling, and regulatory aspects.

Some preliminary information about the program of the workshop

Presentations by:
Carlos Guerrero Bosagna (Linköping University, Sweden),
Xavier Cousin (IFREMER, France),
Mélanie Blanc (Örebro University, Sweden),
Juliette Legler (Utrecht University, Netherlands),
Jorke Kamstra (NMBU, Norway),
Joëlle Rüegg (Karolinska Institute, Sweden),
Michelle Angrish (US-EPA),
Joachim Sturve (University of Gothenburg, Sweden),
Philip Antczak (University of Liverpool, GB)
Miriam Jacobs (Public Health England, UK), and
Jana Asselman (Ghent University, Belgium).

Steffen Keiter, Örebro University and Joëlle Rüegg, Karolinska Institutet