Swetox’ Annual Workshop, 17 December: With Swetox towards the future

WHEN: Monday 17 Dec 2018, 09:15 - 17:00
WHERE: World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70/ Kungsbron 1, Stockholm

Creating a sustainable and safe environment for humans and animals is of increasing high concern and importance, given the state of the world. Sweden has a long tradition of developing and taking measures to reduce several of the global chemical threats and the world is observing how Sweden handles and acts on these issues. We, accordingly, have a responsibility to continue the work aiming to find new solutions that can reduce impact of these environmental threats. To achieve this we must cooperate on several different levels of society and across different disciplines in academia.

The first five years of Swetox are up, and we now look back on what has contributed to Swetox national and international reputation. But we mostly want to focus on the future, inviting to open and creative discussions.

Sweden’s present Minister for the Environment, Karolina Skog, will give a presentation, and as a keynote speaker, Tim Kasten has been invited. He’s the Deputy Director for the Division of Technology, Industry and Economics at UNEP, Paris (and before that head of UNEP Chemicals, Geneva). He will present a talk on “Chemicals-health-environment in the perspective of the UN Sustainability Development Goals”.

How can Sweden’s competence in the field of chemicals, health, and environmental sustainability be secured in the future? How can academic networks at Swedish universities provide the necessary conditions to achieve the national and global goals of a reaching a world with safer use and reduced impact of chemicals? What role can Swetox play in this, and how do we want to organize a “Swetox 2.0” in the future?