We develop new methods and models to better predict how chemicals affects humans and the environment

Swetox research is based on academically initiated projects, or on commissioned research that can generate knowledge worth spreading.

Swetox’ research started in 2014, including the project EDC in 2020. This Formas-funded project is about meeting future regulatory and societal demands on endocrine disruptors, through research on actual and potential endocrine disrupting chemicals and their effects.

In 2015, universities within the Swetox consortium, together with foreign universities, received six million euros from the EU Commission programme Horizon 2020, for a project called Mix-risk. This project is concerned with hormonal effects caused by mixtures of chemicals.

Beside endocrine disruptors, nano-safety, drug toxicology, risk assessment and environmental effects are of priority for research within Swetox. At the same time Swetox monitors and acts in environmental and health issues raised by science and society.

Of central importance to Swetox is to develop methods and new models to better assess and predict how a certain chemicals affects humans and the environment. We also work structured according to the 3Rs in our research.