A well-equipped facility

Swetox Södertälje, the hub of Swetox, is located in the former AstraZeneca safety assessment facility in Gärtuna on the outskirts of Södertälje.


This facility was one of the most prominent and well-equipped in the pharmaceutical industry with respect to its human resource, equipment, and methods. The facility has also played a significant role in the development of Swedish and international toxicological knowledge bases by performing highly qualified risk assessment in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) and contributed to the recruitment and training of a large number of expert toxicologists.

The technical capabilities allow work in various specialised scientific areas within safety assessment; from cell and molecular toxicology methods to bioanalysis, to histopathology methods. Animal research complies with highest standards of animal ethics.

Swetox Södertälje holds GLP status regarding Toxicological studies, Analytic and Clinical Chemistry.