Scientists & projects


Dr Joëlle Rüegg
Is there a link between epigenetic effects of endocrine disruptors and the rise of behavioral disorders and mental illnesses? This among other things, Joëlle Rüegg will examine in her project. Her research is part of the EDC 2020-project and of the Horizon 2020-project EDC-MixRisk.

Dr Pauliina Damdimopoulou
Female reproductive toxicity is the topic of Pauliina’s project. More specifically, she will study the potential impact of environmental chemicals on a woman’s eggs and early development. Included in the EDC 2020 project.

Dr Vesna Munic Kos
Biologist with a background in cell biology, pharmacology and immunobiology. Her project focuses on the mechanisms of toxicity and models to detect substances that bind to fat and quickly accumulate.

Dr Annette Krais
Annette is a chemist with a background in environmental toxicology. She will use mass spectrometry to measure the daily exposure to potential endocrine disruptors such as phthalates. Included in the EDC 2020-project.

Dr Åsa Gustafsson
What happens to chemicals that are attached to the surface of household dust when we inhale them into our lungs? Åsa has a background in inhalation of toxic chemicals/particles and how they affect the lungs and the immune system.

Dr Emma Vincent
How does the biotransformation of environmental toxins and endocrine disrupting substances influence their effects? And what impact do these chemicals, in turn, have on the turnover of endogenous hormone? These issues are central to Emma’s research. Emma is a PhD toxicologist and has a background in the interaction between biotransformation and receptor signaling. Her research is included in the EDC 2020 project.