Eva Brittebo Uppsala University Bioactivation, Cell toxicology, Cellular mechanisms, Cellular models, Cytotoxicity, Developmental toxicology, DNA damage, DNA damage-repair, Drug Toxicity, Education, Embryotoxicity, ER stress, Genetic toxicology, Genotoxicity, image analysis, MALDI imaging, Mechanisms of toxicity, MOA, Neurodegeneration, Neuronal cell models, Neurotoxicology, Pharmaceutical toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Vesa Loitto Linköping university Drug discovery, ER stress, Predictive toxicology testing, 3R-nontox, More

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The listed universities are mainly members of the Swetox consortium, but the listing also includes governmental agencies, institutes or commercial actors when applicable.



The keywords have been assembled by Swetox, or through communication with the research groups.