Stina Oredsson Lund university Cancer stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Lena Svensson Lund university Human vascular cell models, Tumor cell extravasation, 3R-nontox, More
Mathias Svensson Karolinska Instituet Bacterial infections, MRSA, Pulmonary multi-cellular models, 3R-nontox, More
Eva Hellström-Lindberg Karolinska Instituet Myeloid malignancies, Stem cells, Stromal cells, 3R-nontox, More
Greg Lemon Karolinska Instituet Mesenchymal stem cells, Pulmonary reconstruction, Regenerative medicine, 3R-nontox, More
Emma Andersson Karolinska Instituet Transgenic animals, 3R-nontox, More
Lena Lidfors SLU Animal housing refinements, 3R-nontox, More
Nathaniel Robinson Linköping university 3R methods and applications, Cardiotoxicity, Cell toxicology, Hepatocytes, Microfluidics, neural cells, 3R-nontox, More
Matthias Laska Linköping university Olfaction and behaviour, 3R-nontox, More
Maria Lerm Linköping university Infection biology, Pulmonary models, 3R-nontox, More
Tomas Lindahl Linköping university Human vascular models, Microfluidics, 3R-nontox, More
Nestor Colm Linköping university Epigenetic changes in cell culture, 3R-nontox, More
Marek Los Linköping university Cancer stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez Linköping university Mitochondria, Mitochondrial toxicity, 3R-nontox, More
Vesa Loitto Linköping university Drug discovery, ER stress, Predictive toxicology testing, 3R-nontox, More
Lasse Jensen Linköping university Zebrafish, Zebrafish embryos, 3R-nontox, More
Malin Celander Gothenburg University Computational predictions, Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs), Mixtures toxicology, MOA, 3R-nontox, More
Sebastian Albinsson Lund university Angiogenesis, Human vascular cell models, 3R-nontox, More
Martin Lundblad Lund university Optogenetics, Stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Thomas Björklund Lund university Transgenic animals, 3R-nontox, More
Katrin Mani Lund university Chemotherapeutic targetting, 3R-nontox, More

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The listed universities are mainly members of the Swetox consortium, but the listing also includes governmental agencies, institutes or commercial actors when applicable.



The keywords have been assembled by Swetox, or through communication with the research groups.