Leopold Ilag Stockholm university Neurodegeneration, 3R-toxicology, More
Torgny Fornstedt Karlstads University Bioanalysis, 3R-toxicology, More
Katja Broeg Stockholm university Aquatic pollution, 3R-toxicology, More
Maja Neiman KTH Metabolomics, 3R-toxicology, More
Magnus Engwall Örebro university Air pollution, Analytical toxicology, Androgen receptor, Aquatic pollution, Bioactivation, Bioanalysis, Biomarkers, Brominated chemicals, Cell toxicology, Cellular mechanisms, Cytotoxicity, Developmental toxicology, Diesel particle toxicity, Ecotoxicology, Education, Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs), Environmental chemistry, Epigenetic changes in cell culture, Fish toxicology, Genotoxicity, Hepatocytes, Human exposure, In vitro models, Mass spectrometry, Mechanisms of toxicity, Metabolomics, Metals toxicology, Mixtures toxicology, Organic environmental chemistry, Oxidative stress, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), Phototoxicology, Polymer toxicology, Polymers in the environment, Screening, Stress responses, Water quality, Workplace exposure, Workplace toxicology, Zebrafish, Zebrafish embryos, 3R-toxicology, More
Joachim Sturve Gothenburg University Aquatic pollution, Ecotoxicology in developing countries, Education, Environmental chemistry, 3R-toxicology, Developing countries network, More
Eewa Nånberg Karlstads University Immunotoxicology, Neuronal development and inflammation, 3R-toxicology, More
Lennart Möller Karolinska Instituet Analytical toxicology, DNA damage, Oxidative stress, 3R-toxicology, More
Joseph Rafter Karolinska Instituet Bacterial infections, Gnotbiology, Nutrition toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Dan Segerbäck Karolinska Instituet Radiation toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Johan Gabrielsson SLU PB/PK modelling, 3R-toxicology, More
Pia Larsson SLU Endocrine disruption, Environmental exposure analysis, Pesticides, 3R-toxicology, More
Agneta Oskarsson SLU Cellular models, Cytotoxicity, Ecotoxicology, Stress responses, 3R-toxicology, More
Johan Lundkvist SLU Cellular models, Cytotoxicity, Ecotoxicology, Stress responses, 3R-toxicology, More
Leif Norrgren SLU Amphibian and mollusc toxicology, Endocrine disruption, Fish toxicology, Porcine models, Risk assessment, 3R-toxicology, Developing countries network, More
Barbara Demeneix CNRS 3R-toxicology, EDC-MixRisk, More
Michael Malkoch KTH Polymer toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Åsa Emmer KTH Bioanlysis, Mass spectrometry, 3R-toxicology, More
Susanna Wold KTH Radiation toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Emma Strömberg KTH Polymers in the environment, 3R-toxicology, More
Inger Odnevall-Wallinder KTH Metals toxicology, Surface chemistry, 3R-toxicology, More

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The listed universities are mainly members of the Swetox consortium, but the listing also includes governmental agencies, institutes or commercial actors when applicable.



The keywords have been assembled by Swetox, or through communication with the research groups.