Viveka Hillegaart Karolinska Instituet Animal housing refinements, Developing countries network, More
Lennart Möller Karolinska Instituet Analytical toxicology, DNA damage, Oxidative stress, 3R-toxicology, More
Joseph Rafter Karolinska Instituet Bacterial infections, Gnotbiology, Nutrition toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Dan Segerbäck Karolinska Instituet Radiation toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Mathias Svensson Karolinska Instituet Bacterial infections, MRSA, Pulmonary multi-cellular models, 3R-nontox, More
Eva Hellström-Lindberg Karolinska Instituet Myeloid malignancies, Stem cells, Stromal cells, 3R-nontox, More
Greg Lemon Karolinska Instituet Mesenchymal stem cells, Pulmonary reconstruction, Regenerative medicine, 3R-nontox, More
Emma Andersson Karolinska Instituet Transgenic animals, 3R-nontox, More
Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg Karolinska Instituet Drug Toxicity, Genetic and/or epigenetic variation, In vitro models, 3R-toxicology, More
Bengt Fadeel Karolinska Instituet Genotoxicity, Immunotoxicity, Nanotoxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Annika Hanberg Karolinska Instituet Swetox Endocrine disruption, Risk assessment, 3R-toxicology, More
Marika Berglund Karolinska Instituet Human exposure, Metals toxicology, Risk assessment, 3R-toxicology, More
Kristian Dreij Karolinska Instituet DNA damage, DNA damage-repair, Genetic toxicology, Genotoxicity, Mixtures toxicology, Transcriptional mutagenesis, 3R-toxicology, More
Ilona Silins Karolinska Instituet Cancer biology, Risk assessment, Text mining, 3R-toxicology, More
Lena Palmberg Karolinska Instituet Cellular models, Pulmonary toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Vladimir Gogvadze Karolinska Instituet Apoptosis, Cancer biology, Mechanisms of toxicity, Mitochondria, 3R-toxicology, More
Hanna Karlsson Karolinska Instituet Cellular mechanisms, Cellular models, Nanotoxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Karin Broberg Karolinska Instituet arsenic, Metals toxicology, Developing countries network, More
Sven-Erik Dahlen Karolinska Instituet Biomarkers, Inhalation toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Per Gerde Karolinska Instituet Inhalation technologies, Inhalation toxicology, 3R-toxicology, More
Boris Zhivotovsky Karolinska Instituet Apoptosis, Cancer biology, More

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The listed universities are mainly members of the Swetox consortium, but the listing also includes governmental agencies, institutes or commercial actors when applicable.



The keywords have been assembled by Swetox, or through communication with the research groups.