Christian Lindh Lund university Environmental chemistry, Developing countries network, More
Anna Rignell-Hydbom Lund university Air pollution, Capacity building, Developmental toxicology, Diesel particle toxicity, Early human development, Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs), Environmental exposure analysis, Reproductive toxicology, Risk assessment, Developing countries network, More
Emelie Rietz Lund university Developmental toxicology, Endocrine disruption, Environmental medicine, Epidemiology, Human exposure, Pesticides, Developing countries network, More
Stina Oredsson Lund university Cancer stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Lena Svensson Lund university Human vascular cell models, Tumor cell extravasation, 3R-nontox, More
Sebastian Albinsson Lund university Angiogenesis, Human vascular cell models, 3R-nontox, More
Martin Lundblad Lund university Optogenetics, Stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Thomas Björklund Lund university Transgenic animals, 3R-nontox, More
Katrin Mani Lund university Chemotherapeutic targetting, 3R-nontox, More
Malin Parmar Lund university 3D models, Human neuronal progenitors, Microfluidics, 3R-nontox, More
Malin Lindstedt Lund university Allergenicity, Skin irritation, Skin sensitization, 3R-nontox, More
Mattias Magnusson Lund university Pulmonary reconstruction, Stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Maria Alvarado-Kristensson Lund university Drug discovery, Frog oocytes, 3R-nontox, More
Håkan Toresson Lund university Alzheimer's disease, Stem cells, 3R-nontox, More
Åsa Nääv Lund university Human reproduction, Reproductive toxicology, Developing countries network, More
Lars Rylander Lund university Endocrine disruption, Endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs), EDC-MixRisk, More
Anna Rignell Lund university Air pollution, Endocrine disruption, 3R-toxicology, EDC-MixRisk, More

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The listed universities are mainly members of the Swetox consortium, but the listing also includes governmental agencies, institutes or commercial actors when applicable.



The keywords have been assembled by Swetox, or through communication with the research groups.